Nissan Xmotion Concept

Concept cars are often released at auto shows, and the new Nissan Xmotion was recently unveiled at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. The compact SUV made a dramatic appearance with techno music blasting and dancers on each side of the vehicle with a screen displaying graphics behind the concept car. The audience viewed a car that takes many risks with its design but still looks cutting edge with its interior and exterior.

The SUV is named the “Crossmotion” and has a minimal exterior with an all-red and black interior that nods to the Japanese roots of the automaker. The concept car is built with Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology and allows drivers to control the settings with eye movements, subtle hand gestures, and voice commands, offering more safety while on the road. Multiple screens are included in the vehicle on the dashboard and the ceiling, providing entertainment for the driver and passengers. A large screen is installed from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat and a rectangular steering wheel is present on the dashboard, which works as the focal point in the car.

The installed floating seats look futuristic and are separate from one another with a long panel of light wood in the middle of the cabin inspired by Japanese art. The pedals are color-camouflaged and blend in with the red carpet for a seamless design. The lower portion of the dashboard is built with bamboo slats that are edgy and bold. An ample amount of cargo space is also available in the back seat where two additional seats are hidden.

The Nissan Xmotion's exterior is extremely sleek and looks high-end, a subtle combination of a Jeep Cherokee and a Lexus crossover. Its rugged body manages to look elegant and stylish despite looking like a vehicle that could go off-roading. The graphite doors void any handles and open up opposite of one another, creating a futuristic design that is regal. The wide grill in the front of the car causes the SUV to be intimidating on the road and pairs well with the flat hood and squared-off roofline. The beefy tires and wheels make a statement set the tone for its overall appearance.

Concept cars designed by automakers create impressive and unique designs that can be used in the future. They often look bold with their style and never manufactured or sold to the public. The vehicles are unveiled at auto shows as a way of getting the public's opinion on specific features or designs of the car, which leads car brands to decide which parts of the vehicle can be integrated into future models. Although the car is driveable, they are often demolished at the end of their lifespan or are sent to museums to be put on display.

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