See The Nissan Ariya Concept

Each year, vehicle manufacturers attempt to come up with new ideas that they can use to get ahead of their competition. This year, Nissan introduced the Ariya Concept car. This vehicle is an electric crossover that isn’t yet ready for the assembly line, but it’s looking very promising. It’s got a very sporty exterior styling that makes it look incredibly different from the rest of the hybrid and electric car market.

From an exterior standpoint, the Ariya Concept is very futuristic and unique. It has a very sleek front end that has ultra-thin LED headlights that designed for the Ariya. The front ‘grille’ is a very distinct plate design that resembles a shield. The rear of the vehicle has a lot more weight to it. The bumper is very thick, and there is a high-placed wing on top. There are large taillights and curvy flares and curves everywhere. The Ariya Concept has a lot more weight and size than a typical electric vehicle. On the interior, you would never know that you’re not in a traditional gas-powered vehicle. You have all the technology features and safety features that you could ever want.

If you’re thinking the Ariya would be a vehicle that you would be interested in purchasing when it is finally being produced, we here at Trophy Nissan would like you to touch base with us. We can keep you updated on the Ariya Concept. We’ll let you know when it finally hits the market. In the meantime, stop down to our dealership to take a look at some of the other vehicles that we have in stock right now. Take a few models out for a test drive to narrow down your options.