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How To Program Nissan Key Fob Push Start

Nissan Key Fob VehicleIf you're like most drivers, you appreciate the convenience of keyless push-button starting. It's easy and fast - perfect for those rushed morning departures. But what do you do when your Nissan key fob stops working? We'll show you how to program your key fob so you can get back to enjoying that quick and easy start. Keep reading to learn more!
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Using Nissan Connect

Nissan Connect  

With NissanConnect, you no longer have to leave your lifestyle at the door when you get in the car. Now you can take all your favorite amenities such as music, connectivity, and social media on the road. NissanConnect provides comprehensive services ranging from safety and security to hands-free phone calling and text message support. NissanConnect is easy to use by setting up your Bluetooth-enabled device to the NissanConnect system, which only takes a few minutes to do. 

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable


There are specific responsibilities that come with the purchase of a car. A lot goes into preventing your vehicle from aging too rapidly or stalling on the highway. It is your duty to keep your vehicle reliable and in good condition. This can only be achieved through proper care and maintenance. The responsibility is not as expensive or time-consuming as it is set out to be. Here are a few things to check to keep your car in top shape.

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How to Check the Coolant on Your Nissan

Engine coolant, also called antifreeze, helps the car radiator regulate safe temperatures so that it will not overheat. The engine heats this anti-freezing liquid, which then stimulates a cooling effect through the radiator. Low coolant levels cause radiator temperature to drop unexpectedly, which, in turn, will solidify the fluid. Driving a vehicle in this condition can result in overheating, or worst cause engine failure. Motorists can avoid these inconvenient car situations if they perform routine coolant level checks and do refills when necessary.

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How to Arm and Disarm the Horn Function on Your Nissan Security System

Your Nissan vehicle's security system has many great features and uses. But sometimes, you might find that there are features you have in the system that you don't necessarily need all the time. Such is the case with the horn. For whatever reason, you might find that the horn becomes more of a nuisance or a distraction than it is helpful. If that's the case, read on! There are many ways to enjoy your Nissan's security system – and get the most benefits from it – if you understand how the system works and how to disable features…

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How To Maintain Your Car's Value

Nissan Rogue

Purchasing a new car is an incredible experience; however, the adventure doesn't end when you finalize your purchase. It's important that you continue to care properly for your car long after you purchase your vehicle. If you choose to sell your car at any point, you'll want to ensure that your vehicle retains as much value as possible so you can get a reasonable selling price. If you're wondering how you can effectively maintain your car's value over time, there are a few things you need to know about vehicle maintenance and care.

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