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Using Nissan Connect

Nissan Connect  

With NissanConnect, you no longer have to leave your lifestyle at the door when you get in the car. Now you can take all your favorite amenities such as music, connectivity, and social media on the road. NissanConnect provides comprehensive services ranging from safety and security to hands-free phone calling and text message support. NissanConnect is easy to use by setting up your Bluetooth-enabled device to the NissanConnect system, which only takes a few minutes to do. 

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Deter Criminals With MPP On-Gard Theft Protection

Did you know that more than half a million vehicles are stolen each year according to FBI statistics? Auto theft is a common occurrence and, if you don’t want to fall victim to it, there is a way to deter thieves from targeting your car and a way to catch them if they manage to steal it. Learn about how the MPP On-Gard Theft Protection Plan can help you keep your car safe.

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