Car is Leaking?

Car fluid leaks can mean a range of different things depending on the color of fluid and location. If your car is leaking fluid, the first thing to do is ascertain what type of fluid. Most leaks mean that something internally is worn or damaged, causing fluid to escape.

Red, Orange or Pink Fluid

Red or pink fluid is usually either transmission or power steering fluid. This might mean a worn seal or hole in the return lines. Both types of leaks can make your car problematic to drive, so it's best to schedule a service appointment. Sometimes power steering fluid leaks can be solved by adding fluid that is also designed to stop leaks. Orange fluid might also be transmission fluid as it can sometimes appear this way depending on its age. It might also be a coolant leak that has been contaminated with rust from the radiator.

Yellow or Green Fluid

Vehicle Leak

If you find yellow or green fluid leaking from your car, it's most likely coolant or antifreeze. Both fluids can leak out of the radiator, water pump or hoses and clamps connected to the system. Some of these components might be worn or damaged, and you should generally get it checked out as soon as possible to reduce the risk of your car overheating.

Blue or Clear Fluid

These are the two fluids that you usually won't have to worry too much about. Blue is most likely windshield wiper fluid. The tubes or reservoir holding the fluid are probably worn or damaged. Clear, thin fluid is almost always water and is probably condensation from your AC unit. Touch it to make sure it doesn't feel sticky. Sticky clear liquid might be brake fluid.

Dark or Light Brown Fluid

Usually dark brown or even light brown fluid is an engine oil leak. If it has an unusually bad smell, it's likely to be gear lubricant. Brake fluid can also be a brownish color, so it's important to get any brown fluid leak checked out immediately.

To find out more about fluid leaks and how to get them fixed, stop by Trophy Nissan today and visit our service department.

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