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Like any car, a part will inevitably break on your Nissan. And when it does, you want your car to get the best parts and service. Fortunately, we can help with that. Order parts using the form below and please contact us with any inquiries.

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At our service center, you'll find only the best quality replacement parts for your vehicle, which are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components. These parts are the only ones that we trust, as they are built to high level of quality and they are backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

The other option, which you'll find at many independent repair shops, is aftermarket parts. They may have a lower price tag than OEM parts, but don't let that fool you. There's a reason for that lower price, which comes down to a difference in quality, safety, and reliability. Don't settle for less - visit us for a replacement fender, light, mirror, or other part when you need it.

What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality Materials

One way that OEM and aftermarket parts differ is in quality. OEM parts come straight from the manufacturer, and they undergo rigorous quality testing throughout the production process. At the end, they are tested in the same make and model of vehicle that they're designed to replace parts in. This means that they will fit the car exactly as they're supposed to, and they'll be visually identical to the part they are replacing.

When you get an aftermarket part, in contrast, you are taking a chance on inconsistent quality. Some aftermarket parts are okay, but many are made of lower quality materials than OEM parts. Furthermore, they are made for a variety of vehicles, which means there's no guarantee that you will get a part that looks or fits like the original. Since you won't know what a part's quality is like until you purchase it, why take the chance that something will go wrong?

Peace of Mind from OEM Support

OEM Brakes and Parts

Along with quality, OEM parts and aftermarket parts differ in the area of warranty and support. In the auto industry, most OEM parts come with a one-year warranty. If the part breaks during that time through no fault of your own, you can simply have it replaced with a new part at no additional cost. Many OEM parts have a nationally reciprocated warranty.

In contrast, there is no warranty offered on an aftermarket part. They are made by a third-party manufacturer with no guarantee of quality or reliability after they leave the factory. This is especially problematic for parts made overseas, where standards for safety and quality can be much lower than that of the United States. Since OEM parts come from a reliable manufacturer, you can also contact them easily for support or assistance if you have product questions.

Which Parts Fit Better?

Easy Brake Installations

Since they are designed to be exactly the same as the parts they replace, OEM parts ensure that your car will perform the same way it did with the original part. OEM parts are much easier for your mechanic to deal with, as the mechanic does not have to spend the time and energy trying to match a generic aftermarket part with your car.

Furthermore, OEM parts are available in many varieties, ranging from simple parts to more obscure parts and complex components. This makes service appointments easier and shortens repair time when you need to bring your car in for service.


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