Nissan Maxima Interior and Air Conditioning

Most of the time, you think nothing of jumping in your car and turning on the cold air. But when something goes wrong, like a part breaks or the system becomes clogged with debris, your trusty air conditioning system can become your worst nightmare. While a problem with the AC system can certainly be a headache, it's possible to have it fixed. However, this is one case where you'll want to address the problem as soon as possible, since it's quite easy for an AC problem that starts out small to turn into a more major problem down the road. Furthermore, a small broken part can cause the surrounding parts to work harder, which may ultimately cause them to break sooner than they should. At the first sign of AC problems, you should call our service shop to make an appointment for repairs. In the meantime, however, here are some things to look for to try to identify the problem on your own.

Is your AC system blowing out little or no air?

One common problem that people have with their AC systems is having little or no air come out when they crank the AC. If this sounds familiar, a mechanical problem may be to blame. The AC system is made up of many working parts, including a handful of main components. Some of the most important parts in the system are the condenser and the compressor. The condenser is made up of two primary smaller parts, which are the coils and fans. The coils convert warm refrigerant fluid into a cool liquid. The fans then usually blow the cold air into the cabin.

The fans can stop working, however, and therefore fail to push air through. This can happen if the blower motor that signals them to run breaks, or if they get clogged with debris. Other mechanical parts can break too, like the compressor, which will also cause air to stop flowing through the system. Some cars also have a special safety mechanism built into their AC system, which signals the system to stop working if there's a problem. Either way, you'll need to bring your vehicle in for an inspection by a certified mechanic.

Do you notice any strange smells or sounds when you turn the air on?

Another clue that something is not right is if you notice unusual smells or noises when you turn the AC system on. This can happen for several reasons. If the car smells foul when you turn the air on, it may mean that there's a bacterial growth somewhere in the system. Bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms can all start growing in the warm, moist environment of the AC system. Usually, the system is able to prevent bacterial growth by regularly pushing clean, dry air through. However, if there is a clog somewhere in the AC system, or if the unit is left unused for a long period of time, like the winter months, it's much easier for bacteria to start growing. Strange noises can be caused by cracks, holes, and broken parts moving around. They can also be due to having incorrect lubricant or contaminated refrigerant fluid in the system.

Are there any puddles or fluids below your car?

Nissan MaximaOne of the easiest ways to tell if something is wrong with your AC system is to check for leaking fluid under the car. Fluid leaks related to the AC system come in two forms, which are refrigerant fluid and water. A refrigerant fluid leak appears as an oily puddle beneath the car. If the puddle looks more like water, it might mean there is a part in the system somewhere that has iced over and is now thawing. In either case, you should make an appointment with our service staff for prompt repairs.


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