Nissan Versa Service Intervals

* Listed service intervals serve as a general guide and are not associated with the OEM. Please refer to your vehicle's owners manual for optimal recommendations for your specific model.

What Is The Nissan Versa Maintenance Schedule?

The Nissan Versa maintenance schedule specifies the number of different routine tasks that need to be completed to preserve the performance and condition of your vehicle. These tasks ensure that your car will remain roadworthy and safe. The Nissan Versa service intervals form part of the standard maintenance schedule. By following them, you can keep the condition of your vehicle at a high level and prolong its lifespan. Below are general guidelines for service intervals. However, the owner's manual that came with your car will have specific Nissan Versa service intervals for your year and trim, so it's always a good idea to consult it.

15,000 Mile Service

At this interval, the motor oil is changed. The steering linkage is inspected to ensure that it still operates smoothly and the tires are rotated. The brakes are checked, and the drive shaft boots are reviewed to determine their condition. If the drive shaft boots are cracked or torn, they are replaced, but if they are in good condition, they are resealed with a special dressing. This service interval is also when you will have your axle and suspension parts examined and changed if their performance is starting to deteriorate. A filter replacement will also ensure that your air conditioning and heating systems perform optimally.

30,000 Mile Service

At this level, most of the services offered at the first interval will be redone to ensure that the car is functioning correctly. In addition, the safety features will be checked, including seat belts, brakes, and steering. All of these services help to ensure that your Nissan Versa remains roadworthy and safe while it is on the road. The automatic transmission function will also be inspected to ensure it functions correctly. The brake fluid will be flushed out, and the brake calipers are also checked to ensure they are in good condition. In addition, drive shaft boots and axle joints are removed and replaced if necessary. This provides no leaks or added friction within the axle system, which helps improve fuel economy while on the road. The ball joints and gear are also inspected to ensure they are in good condition.

60,000 Mile Service

This service interval includes a cabin micro filter replacement essential for the driver and passengers in the car. The oil filter will be replaced, and the tires will be rotated. The tire pressure, rotation, and alignment are done to ensure that your tires are wearing evenly and are at the correct pressure. If you have been operating the car under severe or rough conditions, the 15,000-mile service maintenance will be redone.

90,000 Mile Service

The previous service will be redone at this interval to ensure that the car performs optimally.

To conclude, Nissan Versa maintenance schedule intervals are essential for keeping your Nissan Versa in excellent condition and ensuring that it operates smoothly. By following the recommended intervals regularly, you can keep this car in top shape and ensure that you enjoy driving it for many years. For more information, you can visit our service department in Mesquite, TX.


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