It's as Simple as The Click of a Few Buttons

Gone are the frustrating days of programming your garage door opener into your Nissan. With the new HomeLink Universal transceivers that are built into the new Nissans, it’s literally as simple as the click of a few buttons. Another linking worry that is alleviated in the new Nissan lineup is that there is no need to worry about batteries dying in your transceiver because they are currently connected to your vehicle’s battery.

Ok, Where Do I Start?

The all-new HomeLink Universal Transceivers are very simple to set up. Just start by clearing any existing connections by pressing and holding the two outermost HomeLink buttons with the home icons (which are the first button from the left and the third button from the left). Do this for 10 seconds and then you will see an indicator light begin to blink on and off. As soon as you see the lights, let go of both buttons. This has now cleared the HomeLink and linking may commence.

Now, take your small plastic clicker made by your garage door opening company (Genie, Sears, Craftsman, etc) and place it 1 to 3 inches away from the HomeLink rearview mirror unit. After that, it’s as simple as pie. Instead of holding both home icons on the transceiver as before, this time you only hold one button on the HomeLink transceiver and one button on your small remote control clicker. Do this until the indicator light comes on on your HomeLink button, as before, but this time wait until it goes from a slow flash pattern to a faster paced flashing pattern. Once the fast interval blinking has displayed, you’re all set and can let go of both buttons! Now test it out to see that it worked by holding down the home icon that you just programmed on the HomeLink rearview until a solid HomeLink light comes on and your garage door opens.

If the HomeLink at this step, however, starts by blinking fast and then going back to a slower pace blink, we warmly invite you to contact or visit Trophy Nissan for additional help.