Nissan Connect  

With NissanConnect, you no longer have to leave your lifestyle at the door when you get in the car. Now you can take all your favorite amenities such as music, connectivity, and social media on the road. NissanConnect provides comprehensive services ranging from safety and security to hands-free phone calling and text message support. NissanConnect is easy to use by setting up your Bluetooth-enabled device to the NissanConnect system, which only takes a few minutes to do. Once you've paired your phone and NissanConnect, you'll enjoy many amenities available through Nissan's exclusive system. NissanConnect is also accessible through your other smart devices.


While you can get directions anywhere, NissanConnect gives you a more comprehensive navigation system that is easy to access by the touch of your finger on the infotainment screen or through voice commands. Nissan's Navigation system will give you directions to your next destination. Still, it has the advantage of real-time traffic updates that give you the option of avoiding construction, traffic, accidents, and other delays if there are different routes available. If you want to go off exploring, you can use the Navigation system features to find local attractions and amenities such as gas stations.

Nissan Connect

Entertainment and Information

NissanConnect allows you to take your favorite entertainment features on the road. With the system, you can transform your car's cabin into your own personal concert venue while bringing your friends along for the ride. By connecting a Bluetooth-compatible device to the infotainment system, you'll get access to your music libraries on your iPhone, and you'll also have access to more than 100 radio stations that are available through satellite radio. There's also a WiFi hotspot included in the Entertainment and Information feature for on-the-go connectivity.


With NissanConnect, you don't need to miss out on communicating just because you're in the car. NissanConnect provides convenient mobile access to all the amenities you would typically enjoy at home or work, including the option to receive phone calls and text messages, make outbound calls, and send texts using voice command. This function is also available when you pair your Bluetooth-enabled device to the NissanConnect system.

Security and Convenience

Many helpful convenience and security features also come with NissanConnect. Using your phone or a device that supports Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allows you to start the engine from a distance, lock or unlock the doors, warm up the car, and instantly access a live representative for roadside support.

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