Healing Hearts Foundation  

Located in Dallas, Texas, Healing Hearts Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving its community members' lives. Healing Hearts Foundation offers many programs to help local citizens have a better quality of life, ranging from providing them with essentials such as free meals to extending educational opportunities and assisting individuals in finding employment.

About Healing Hearts Foundation

Healing Hearts Foundation is located in Dallas, Texas, and serves the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region. The Foundation supplies local men, women, and children with food, clothing, housing, and education. Healing Hearts Foundation also encourages the development of leadership skills and strives to promote positive social change. While the Foundation works with any citizens in need living within its range, it focuses on helping victims of domestic abuse and the homeless population.

Healing Hearts Foundation

Healing Hearts Foundation Programs

Through various diverse programs, Healing Hearts Foundation works to provide children and adults the care, support, and services they need to succeed.

Job Assistance

The Job Assistance Program is designed to connect community members with jobs they are qualified for based on their skills. The program also helps find employment for individuals who have criminal records and may otherwise have difficulty finding work.

Food Assistance

Through its Food Assistance Program, Healing Hearts Foundation ensures that community members have the basic sustenance they need without worrying about the cost. The Foundation uses a food truck to deliver food to homeless individuals and others who otherwise struggle to afford food.

Dress for Success

With its Dress for Success Program, Healing Hearts Foundation helps individuals prepare for job interviews by supplying them with business attire and related services as necessary, including hair cuts. The program's goal is to give individuals the self-confidence they need to be successful in their professional lives, starting with their initial job interview and continuing through their employment.

Housing Assistance

The Housing Assistance Program was created to ensure that no one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has to sleep outside at night. The program provides basic shelter for those who need a place to sleep, and it also helps locate longer-term housing arrangements such as apartments and housing.

Education Assistance

Drawing on the Healing Hearts Foundation's own founder's personal experiences, the Education Assistance Program offers education for clients who want to write and publish books or further their skills in film creation and production.

For more information on Healing Hearts Foundation and the programs it offers, visit the organization's website today.

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