Summer Maintenance Tips  

The arrival of the summer heat evokes mental pictures of the beach, volleyball, fun car rides, and laughing with friends by the campfire. Unfortunately, a less fun side to the summer exists, too, where you need to perform summer maintenance on the vehicle. Understanding a few tips can go a long way to making your summer safer and more pleasant.

Tip #1: Check the Coolant

Engine coolant absorbs heat from the engine. Coolant with limited circulation capacities will boil, especially in the 90-degree summer heat. To check the coolant levels, look at the coolant reservoir from the side. Does the fluid reach the full line? If not, mix a 50/50 combination of coolant and water. Some coolants don't require mixing, so you may not need to mix water in.

When you add coolant, let the motor cool down first. Never open the radiator cap while hot because boiling coolant can eject from the radiator and cause third-degree burns.

Tip #2: Inspect Your Tire Pressure

Your tires lose an average of one PSI every month after filling them. The tire pressure warning light turns on once the PSI drops below 25 percent of the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure. You don't see it come on as much in the summer, but you may still want to check because the icy and cold conditions of the winter can damage your tires.

Tip #3: Examine the Brakes

The brake system rarely fails all at once, but proper maintenance can catch brake failure before it materializes on the highway. You must monitor the brakes continually throughout the year to keep you and your family safe.

Signs of bad brakes include:

  • Squealing
  • Burning smell
  • Car vibrates when braking
  • Brake light turns on

Tip #4: Replace Windshield Wipers

Most manufacturers recommend you replace the windshield wipers every six to 12 months. The summer season requires good windshield wipers because of rain, dirt, dust and the blinding glare from the sun. In some cases, accidents happened because bad windshield wipers interfered with the driver's line of sight, and they couldn't react in time.

Professionals can perform summer maintenance the best because they know what to inspect and roll through a checklist while making the corrections. Schedule an appointment with us today! Especially with the coming road trips of the season, you want your vehicle to handle the summer demands with smooth and expert competence.